How to Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are is the keystone for everything that benefits your health and well being.

How to Know Who You AreKnowing who you are is literally the keystone for creating your heaven on earth and the start of harnessing the infinite power and intelligence of the universe. And the less you know your true self and the more you are identified with anything worldly (mind/body), you will feel less powerful, confident and in control and more miserable, confused and victimized.

To self realize (know your true self), start by paying attention. Paying attention grows into consciousness. The best way to start paying attention is by paying attention to the words you think and say and your state of being (how you feel).

Another great method for self realizing is to take up a meditation program. Meditation is like weight lifting for self realization.

Here’s how to meditate: The simplest, and arguably the best, way to meditate is to get comfortable, relax, straighten your spine, take several deep breaths then breathe naturally. Then, simply observe your breathing, wait and watch with no judgment. Nothing is to be done. And, every time you find yourself thinking, bring yourself back to watching your breath again. The idea is to stop thinking. That’s it.

Also, implementing the steps discussed in this blueprint will lead you to self realization; self realization, mind mastery and the ability to consciously create.

Once you self realize, you can know what you want. When you know who you are and want you want, you can create it in your life. Otherwise, you create things you “think” you want, and they won’t be aligned with what you truly want and you won’t be fulfilled.

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How to Know What You Want Simplified Method

It is critically important to know what you want to get what you want.

If you don’t know what you want, how can you get it?

Know What You Want Girl Looking ConfidentMaybe you’ll get lucky? But, that doesn’t seem like a very good strategy.

So, if you want to hit the bull’s eye, you have to have a target.

The best way to know what you want is to simply ask yourself. I use and recommend this three step method:

  1. Connect to source (stop/relax, imagine light, meditate, breath work or other).
  2. Ask (what do I really want, how might that feel, why do I want to feel that?) and repeat.
  3. Notice (how the answers make you feel; when something bubbles up as opposed to what comes from your ego). You can change the “ask” question to suit your needs: “What is my purpose for existing”, “What might it feel like to know what I want”, etc.

The correct answers will arise and they are the ones that make you feel “good”.

Simple continue asking questions and noticing how you feel until you get the responses that make you feel the best.

When you know what you want, you are so much further than most people and you are so much closer to getting it in your life.

Plus you will start to feel confident, at ease, more in control and fulfilled because you know you are getting closer.

That’s how to know what you want.

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