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Would you like have the knowledge, skills and understanding to leverage the infinite power and intelligence of the universe to create or eliminate anything in your life that you choose?

Hey! My name is Bill Cassidy and my mission is to start and facilitate a mass-movement of greater powered people.

I’d like to invite you to join with me and some other incredible people who are on board and creating a better world for everyone.

But first, I’d like to say it starts with creating a better world for yourself and then I’ll answer some common question to explain what being greater powered is about.

William F. Cassidy

Meditation & Mindset Coach

What does it mean to be "greater powered"?

It means that you can use the infinite power and intelligence of the universe to create your best world possible.

More specifically, it means that you know who you are, you know what you truly want and you know how to use your mind to create exactly what you truly want in your life.

It means that you have done the hard self work and you are now the master of yourself and your reality. 

Why is this important?

It's important to use the infinite power and intelligence of the universe for multiple reasons. Here is a short list:
  1. Stop wasting your most precious resource - time, creating a life that doesn't really appeal to you
  2. Create a better life for yourself and your family
  3. Create a better world for everyone
  4. Attract the people, circumstances and experience you want and get rid of the ones you don't
  5. Feels much better than not using it, unless you like being afraid, frustrated, confused and victimized
  6. Find what's missing and feel complete, confident and at ease
  7. Stop feeling lonely and start feeling connected, loved and appreciated
  8. Many, many more benefits

Why should I join? 

Besides all the benefits above, you are joining a family of like minded people who want to live better lives; and help others do the same.
Plus, you also get access to the Greater Powered Blueprint for FREE; and the potential value to you in your life is priceless.

What is the Greater Powered Blueprint?

Greater Powered Blueprint

Greater Powered is the ultimate system for manifesting your unimaginable dream life. It's a simple system that is easily teachable, repeatable and highly effective  for increasing performance, reaching potential and leveling up your life.

It is also an effective system for overcoming stress, struggle, suffering, scarcity, overwhelm, confusion, fears, doubt, frustration and other self defeating beliefs and behavior.

The Blueprint is a FREE Report that identifies and details the exact steps you can take to manifest your unimaginable dream life. It's a 15- 20 minute read that will leave you wondering why nobody ever taught you this before.

I created the blueprint as a simple and free way for anyone to get started.

It actually covers everything you need to know to become greater powered and dramatically improve your life and the lives of those in your circle of influence. 

You'll learn the secrets to quickly and effortlessly get what you want in your life, eliminate what you don't so that you can live your best, happy, healthy and abundant dream life.

Where did you get this information?

The information in this system has been gained from thousands of hours studying gurus, philosophers, religious leaders, neuroscientist, NLP researchers and other extremely successful people throughout history combined with the practical experience gained from my meditation practice of well over 20 years.

I've experimented on myself to find out what really works, had many ups and downs and made many mistakes.

Now I've taken the best of what I learned and boiled it down into an easy to follow, simple to implement, proven system that you can use to self realize, master your mind and consciously create your dream life; or any life you wish.

You don't even have to master everything. Just using the greater powered system a tiny bit can make a huge difference in your life.

What do you want from me?

I want you to check it out for yourself. If it works and makes a difference in your life, I'd like you to help me spread the word. Here are 6 ways you can help.

  1. Share this page with your friends
  2. Like this page
  3. Send me positive reviews
  4. Donate to the cause (page coming soon)
  5. Buy the Greater Powered Master Course (coming soon)
  6. Read and share blog posts

But most importantly, I want you to join me by filling out your name and email below, then reading and implement my Greater Powered Blueprint and start living your unimaginable dream life.

How do I join the Greater Powered family?

I'm beyond excited and grateful that you are joining us. We definitely need more people who are willing to take action and consciously create a better world.

Simply click any of the green buttons on this page. You will then enter your best email address and we'll give you the Greater Powered Blueprint report for FREE.

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